Whilst this is a Pokémon fan project, DGiacomo requires no prior Pokémon knowledge or experience to enjoy! You don’t even have to have played the game. It is primarily a character driven story that focuses on the humans and their troubles or otherwise. Please feel free to jump in, who knows, you might enjoy it!

This is a comic about Giacomo and the other members of Team Star, their past and their futures.

If you want to know something more about an event or something mentioned in the comic, leave a comment or question for Giacomo on a page about it! Keep in mind, it might take a few days or even a month to get to some questions in story. You can also feel free to comment on this comic as normal as well. =) I will determine whether to answer you directly or whether your comment will be saved into the pot to be used in a future update! If I haven’t answered you, there’s a chance you might see your comment in the comic soon enough.

This comic is set after the events of Pokemon Violet/Scarlet but before anything that happens in the DLC. It takes what little canon and backstory the game offered for these characters and builds upon it, trying to stay mostly faithful. Giacomo is 25.

This comic’s target audience is adults. However, it will NOT contain explicit content, violence or gore. All audiences can read it, but the contents of this comic are more likely to appeal to adults in character design, themes and writing.

There will be the occasional swear.